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A place for the Anmore community to come together

Welcome to the Anmore Community Hub project website which will serve as a touch stone for information about the project as it develops. The purpose of this website is to provide a platform for residents to give input and to keep in touch with the main aspects of the project as it moves forward through the next phases. 

In addition to providing the Village with administrative space to serve the community, the project is an opportunity to provide the residents of Anmore with a central gathering space which serves as a “hub" for community events and programs. Currently there isn’t anywhere in Anmore for friends or family to get together and meet indoors to sit down and connect with each other, outside of the home. 

This project will provide an accessible community space, will allow for the expansion of community-based services, and provide infrastructure to the community for long-term recreational and cultural opportunities. The Community Hub will serve Anmore residents and assist the Village Council and staff in serving the community for years to come.


The Village of Anmore was incorporated in 1987 and at that time, the Village was gifted a homestead, located at 2697 Sunnyside Road.  The 1916 constructed building was converted into a Municipal Hall, with office space and Council Chambers.  Since acquiring the homestead, the Village of Anmore has grown significantly and in 2006 an addition was constructed to accommodate additional space needs.

Although the Ma Murray Homestead has strong historical connections to the community, its condition had deteriorated and the cost of maintaining or upgrading the building proved prohibitive.

The building has been photographed and video recorded for prosperity and several interior artifacts have been salvaged for display in the new Community Hub.

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  • The project will be developed on the existing Village Hall site where the Old Village Hall was previously located and adjacent to the current Village Hall Trailers, which will remain in operation until the new project has  been completed.

  • The Village was aware that the Old Village Hall needed to be replaced long before it was closed in 2012 as a result of significant safety concerns.

  • In 2017, a Site Development Plan was approved by Council, which confirmed the desired location of the Community Hub and plans for the surrounding area, including Spirit Park. 

  • This plan also identified a desire to realign Ravenswood Drive and Ma Murray Lane to facilitate a safer layout for our Community Hub site, which will also maximize its use.



The floor plans outline the design of a basement space which takes advantage of the sloping site to have grade level access and light in spaces where needed. Currently this basement level contains community event support space (approx. 625 square feet), washroom facilities (approx. 590 square feet), service spaces (approx. 815 square feet), a lobby (approx. 445 square feet) and space built for future development. View a larger version of the floor plan (PDF).



  • On the main level, the focus is on the common entry atrium, approximately 1,235 square feet, which will house archival information about the Village, seating, will contain two washrooms, and will serve as a gathering space.

  • The largest space is our “Community Hall”. This dividable space can be configured to accommodate a variety of community uses such as a small art class or a large lecture with a 400 person audience. This space is approximately 4,125 square feet and can be divided into two rooms (one being around 2,450 square feet and the other around 1,635 square feet). This allows for multiple uses at one time, including to serve as a Council Chamber.

  • In addition, there is a boardroom of around 490 square feet. 

  • There is also community food service space (approx. 250 square feet), community storage rooms (approx. 445 square feet) and additional service spaces (approx. 400 square feet).

  • All community use spaces can be utilized by the public both during and outside of regular office hours.

View a larger version of the floor plan (PDF).​

*There are additional outdoor community spaces comprising an approx. 2,220 square feet patio on the west side of the building and an undercover entrance plaza area of around 1,085 square feet. The outdoor spaces are not included in the overall square footage of the building.


Project Area Breakdown

The Anmore Community Hub is a building truly dedicated to the community, now and for many years to come.  Consideration of community and neighborhood needs has been the driver behind the design of each space within this building.  This has been graphically expressed in the following pie chart which identifies the total spaces dedicated to each use.  Notably, 74% of the built space is dedicated to community needs if the building is built to its full potential which would include full development of the basement .



  • This new Community Hub building will provide a central location for the Village of Anmore residents to enjoy and participate in village life. 

  • The uses of the building are varied and designed to accommodate many of the needs of the Village in one location. 

  • The heart of the building is the Community Room. This flexible space is designed to be dividable into two when needed and is large enough to accommodate a variety of community uses such as craft fairs, yoga or art classes, workshops, townhall meetings and lectures. 

  • In addition, the Community Room will function as the Village Council Chamber and a setting for other larger municipal meetings and events such as a voting location during elections and in the event of an emergency as the Village Emergency Operations Centre.

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  • The Village held a Site Development Plan Open House on January 23, 2018

  • Council adopted the Village Centre Site Development Plan (which included a new Civic Building as part of the plan) at a Regular Council meeting held on February 20, 2018

  • Council identified the construction of a Civic Building as part of their 2019-2022 Council Strategic Plan (adopted at Regular Council meeting May 21, 2019)

  • Council received information about funding options at the July 22, 2019 Finance Committee Meeting

  • Council directed staff to proceed with the detailed design of the Civic Building at a Special Council Meeting on July 22, 2019 for a project budget of $750,000

  • Council awarded the detailed design contract for the Civic Building at the Regular Council Meeting on December 16, 2019

  • Open houses for detailed design concept planned for June 11 and June 17 (more will be scheduled if needed), and a Virtual Open House with community survey (dates to be confirmed)

  • Council review of feedback from Open Houses and community survey – Council meeting date to be confirmed

  • Second phase of community engagement planned for September 2020

  • Tendering planned for Fall 2020



Answers to common questions about the project



There are currently three main areas that are specified for community use. The largest room is our “Community Hall”, this room is around 4,125 square feet and can be divided into two rooms (one being approx. 2,450 square feet and the other approx. 1,635 square feet). This allows for multiple uses at one time. The “lobby” area is around 935 square feet and there is a boardroom of approximately 490 square feet. There is also public washrooms, food and service space, community storage rooms and service spaces. All community use spaces can be utilized by the public both during and outside of regular office hours.


The Community Centre that was proposed in 2005 included a daycare facility as the main use and did not include any municipal offices. The proposed Civic Building is a community based space, there is no daycare proposed and although the smallest part of the building, will include municipal operations. The proposed Civic Building will allow for rental revenue to offset operating expenses.


The “look and feel” of the building has not yet been finalized.The Village is seeking public input on that aspect of the design.We will be incorporating locally sourced structural timber as a way to support our BC economy.


The Community Feedback Survey is now closed and our analysis is complete. If you did not complete the survey or would like to provide further comments, please get in touch with the Village or complete the contact form below.



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